Design-All Culvert Tools

    • Clean Your Own Culvert Pipe and Save 100's of $$$ We have developed a culvert cleaning tool which is very effective and easy to use, not to mention a very reasonable price. For contractors, Towns, and for residential jobs. This tool was developed out of my personal need to clean my culvert pipe at home. I have a 14 inch culvert pipe which is over 50 feet long. For several years we had problems when we had heavy rains our culvert pipe would get clogged with dirt, stones, and debris. I would shovel the ends out the best I could, but you can only get in so far with a shovel. Finally the pipe got so bad water would dam up behind it up to 4 feet high. So, we called a local professional pipe cleaning company to get a quote for cleaning our culvert and to our amazement it would cost $500-$600 to get the job done. Then I started to work on a design of a hand tool that I could use to clean the culvert myself. This tool worked so well on my culvert I decided to make them available for everyone. The tool is a hoe like device with a pivoting joint which can be pushed in the culvert on top of the debris and is then activated by pulling the tool back out. The pulling action causes the tool to dive down into the debris and then you simply pull it out. It is made totally out of steel so it is very durable. The handle of the unit is 1/2" threaded steel pipe ( which is not included with the tool because it is not economical for us to send you pipe through the mail) you can pick up a length of 1/2 pipe at your local plumbing supply or home center. For a extra long culvert like mine I needed (3) 10 foot lengths of pipe connected together with pipe couplings, but for most residential jobs one length of pipe is more than enough. You only need a long enough handle to get a little more than half way through the culvert, then you clean half the culvert from each end, so for a 12 foot long culvert an 8 foot long piece of pipe would be more than enough. For a longer culvert simply add more pieces of pipe. We stock sizes for standard 8", 10", 12",14" and 18" culverts, the tools are made smaller than the I.D. of the culvert to allow for clearance.(the 14" tool is for 14" diameter culverts and the 12" tool is for 12" diameter culvert pipes),You can use a smaller size tool to clean out larger culverts, it just takes a few more passes. The price starts at $79 NOW on SALE 25% OFF starting at only $59.25


      NEW Culvert Shovel

      This is our newest addition to our culvert tools. This culvert shovel is made completly out of 300 series Stainless Steel. This tool is needed if you culvert is clogged more than 50% or near the top and you are not able to get one of our standard culvert tools inside culvert. The shovel does not remove debris as efficiently as the stardard tools, But if your culvert is clogged to the top this is the tool to use first, then use the standard Culvert Tool to clean the rest of the Culvert.

      Tool fits in 8" or bigger culvert pipe.