How To Clean Your Own Culvert Pipe


      Cleaning your own culvert does not only save you a lot of money, but it is easy! A culvert is a pipe that goes under the end of your driveway or a street. The purpose is to channel run off water that collects in ditches. After big storms these pipe often become clogged with debris, e.g., sand, dirt, stones, branches, paper, and anything else that the water carries along. A clogged culvert can cause flooding and erosion on your driveway and on roads.

      How To Clean Your Culvert:

      1. First if end of culvert is really packed full with debris, use a shovel to clear area around the culvert pipe and also use the shovel to clear the first foot or two of the pipe. If you can't reach in far enough with a regular shovel, You can use a Design-ALL Culvert Shovel to reach in as far as needed. Screw a section of 1/2" threaded steel pipe on culvert shovel and dig out enough of the clog to allow a standard culvert Tool to fit in.

      2. Select the right size culvert tool for your culvert size. Culvert pipes come in standard sizes with the 2 most common being 12" and 14" diameter

      3. Next take the culvert tool and screw it onto a length of 1/2 pipe. (Note the pipe only needs to be long enough to reach the center of the culvert. You clean the culvert pipe from both ends. If necessary you can use a pipe coupling to connect two pieces of pipe together to get desired length)

      4. Insert culvert tool into culvert pipe about 6" and then pull back to clear pipe. Repeat until you make it at least to the middle of culvert, then go to the other end of culvert and repeat until entire culvert pipe is clean.