1. Public Works Magazine Review: "How one personcan clean out an entire culvert"

    Jan 2023

    Dear Design-All:

    Thanks for providing these great tools. In my case, I purchased the 10" culvert tool and the culvert shovel. I then assembled a 20' handle from two 10' pipes. The culvert tool goes on one end and the shovel on the other. My culvert is 23' long and was completely filled with packed mud, all the way to the top. By alternately using different sides of the tool, I could loosen the mud, then scrape it out. The work took several hours. However, now the culvert is completely clear. I don't know how else I would have done it. Just in time too, as we are in the midst of approximately 14" of rain over the course of a couple weeks. I can hear the water rushing through the culvert, and safely away from my driveway. Thank you!

    Jeff from California


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    I purchased the 18" culvert cleaning tool in June and since then it has been getting quite the workout. I have a low water bridge with three 20 in x 15 ft long culverts. We've had a lot of flash floods this year in MO so the creek has been roaring. The pipes have become completely clogged multiple times with packed rock and sand. I am a 52 yo widow that lives alone. Everyone keeps telling me its time to sell my little farm to something I can manage. The naysayers gave up when their excavator couldn't push a 7ft 4x4 post through to try and clear it. They said they would return when the creek dried up. Well it has been storming since, and I have to get to work across the creek so waiting was not an option. I single handily cleared all three completely clogged pipes by myself using your culvert cleaner. I'll keep my farm thank you very much and I can't wait until the boys show up and I get to tell them they can take their toys home Ha Ha Ha! I work for the city and have been recommending your tool to the Grounds & Maintenance Dept, Public Works Dept. as well as my neighbors. Thanks for a great design and my independence ;^D


    Wentzville, MO August 2020

    I purchased a 10" culvert cleaning tool from you about a week ago. This weekend I was finally able to tackle my residential driveway culvert, roughly 24 feet long. Each and every rainstorm, the culvert would overflow, and water would begin to rush to the front of our driveway where the gravel meets the asphalt pavement. It would wash out about a foot of driveway, to the point where you would have to be extremely careful driving over it, putting vehicles in danger. I knew this would be a big expense if I were to get a company out to suck/flush the debris away, so I did some digging and ended up on your website. I can't tell you how pleased I am with your product. I would give it 10 stars if I could. Very economical, such a smart design, and something that anyone could use. Between the tool itself, the (2) pieces of galvanized pipe and the coupling, it was the best $100 I've ever spent. Regards, Matt Feb 26, 2018

    I used the tool today and I could not be happier with it It took 30 min to do more cleaning than I got done in 4 hrs. I was able to pull the roots out I was worried about.Thanks for a great product. Thanks again. LARRY from Ohio 4/13/2016

    Got the tool and if only took an hour to clean it out! Yipee. So much better than crawling in there gathering dirt and shimmying out with scraped forearms. It works great! Carolyn from New Mexico 2/21/2016

    "Received the tool yesterday and bought the ½” couplers and galvanized pipe @ HD today. Used it on a customers ribbed culverts (dry) and IT DID AN AMAZING JOB! Next time I would probably buy a heavier grade pipe but not absolutely necessary. Thanks for a great design and your help in getting it here quickly. We finished this portion of the scope of work on time and can move on to the next phase. Thanks!" Joe from Denver, CO 10/21/2015

     The culvert cleaning tool arrived today! My husband is very pleased with the tool. He said you are a genius! The tool works as promised and is amazing! Thank you for rushing our order and for your EXCELLENT customer service!
    Best Regards,
    Jeane from Pennsylvania"

    "Many thanks for the speedy service!  The tool arrived, yesterday, and I am heading out to Home Depot, today, to buy some 1/2” pipes so I can put it to use.  My compliments on a very well-thought-out product! Steve from North Carolina"